Fish picnic

ish Picnic is a whole-day cruise trip which starts in the morning hours and lasts till the late afternoon. This trip is ideal for all the people who love the sea and natural wonders of the pristine Mediterranean nature. We are inviting you to sail with us into a whole-day adventure packed with unforgettable moments filled with the scents and smells of the sun and the sea and to experience the typical Dalmatian atmosphere. You will enjoy in various activities and we will serve you only the very best of the freshly caught fish, the best local wines and you will enjoy the sounds of the Dalmatian songs. The boat mainly sails near the coast in order to present all the beauties of the coastal area to the tourists. It also makes its way to the surrounding islands and islets where it also docks in romantic bays. In one of the countless bays the hospitable hosts will prepare a special meal, accompanied by their best wine and unforgettable atmosphere.